Rapthor 4 Pack 850mAh USB RCR123A Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo VMC3030 VMS3330 VMS3130 VMS3430 VMK3200 Wireless Security Cameras

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Rapthor 16G 3V 850mAh Rechargeable CR123A Arlo Batteries with Micro USB Cable (4 Pack)
850mAh (2550mWh) High Capacity Battery
3V arlo batteries with 850mAh capacity, 2.5 hours fast full charged, and recharge up to 1200 times.
Built-in Micro USB input Port and LED Indicator
Charging RCR123A batteries with included 4-in-1 cable by smart phone adapter, battery charger, laptop and power bank, with charging / full charged Red/Green LED indicator.
Long Lasting Performance
3V USB arlo batteries with 850mAh high capacity, perfectly compatible with Arlo cameras and other household devices like flashlights, alarm systems, electronic toys, clocks and more.
Cost-effective Batteries
Recharging up to 1200 times for an cost-effective and responsible way to keep your devices working.
Safe and Eco-friendly
Intelligent charging with CC-CV chips, over charge / over discharge / over current protection. No heavy Hg / Cd / Pb metals included.
Rapthor 16G 3V rechargeable cr123a lithium battery (size: 16.4mm x 34.7mm), great choice to replace single use batteries: 123, 123A, CR123, CR123R, CR17335, CR17345, DL123A, EL123AP, K123, K123A, K123LA, L123A, SF123A, VL123A.
Product Specification
Lithium battery (Model: 16G)
3.0 Volt
2550mWh (850mAh)
No heavy Hg/Cd/Pb metals included
Over charge/discharge/current protection
Intelligent charging with CC-CV chips
USB A-4R Micro charging cable:
Cable Input: DC 5V / 2.1A
Cable Output: 500mA x 4 channels.

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